The mission behind Venturous.

The world is shaped by entrepreneurs.

At Venturous, we believe in the power of entrepreneurship to create a better future. Our mission is to build the next generation of entrepreneurs by connecting startups and venture firms with driven and talented college and graduate students.

I left my engineering position and went back to school to go all-in on on entrepreneurship. I didn't know exactly where I fit, but I understood the importance of real-world experience in figuring that out and proving my value.

While I pursued my MBA at Vanderbilt, I was the President of the entrepreneurship club, where I discovered two unique gaps in the market. The first is that all of the programming and mentor structures are based around students that have already gone all in on starting a business, but the 90% of my club members weren't yet at that point so all of their entrepreneurial energies are looking for an outlet.

The second is that in Nashville and many other cities outside of SF and NYC the early stage funding environment is disorganized at best. I knew the combination of these things represented a unique opportunity, marking the birth of Venturous.

Neil Granberry
Co-Founder of Venturous

We offer unique opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience through small, project-based micro-internships, a cohort model for venture scouting, and more in the works.

We believe that everyone should have access to opportunities to learn, grow, and make an impact, regardless of their background or location. That's why we're committed to building a community where students can get hands-on experience working on projects that matter.

We believe that everyone has the potential to be an entrepreneur, and our goal is to help you unlock that potential. Whether you're interested in starting your own business, working for a startup, or pursuing a career in venture capital, we want to support you in taking that leap.

With Venturous, you'll have the opportunity to work on real projects, build your network, and gain the experience and confidence you need to achieve your goals.


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